you never see the end of the road 


Sometimes I envy us. If we could only have what we had then. Always have it. Not that we’re not happy now. We are. Not that things are not good now. They’re good. They’re … interesting, more challenging – in a lot of ways they’re probably what we imagined them to be. We’re good.

Back when these pictures were taken, we had a lot of work ahead, a lot of stuff to accomplish , a lot of things to be . We’ve been doing great, haven’t we ?! We did it. We became who we wanted to become in many ways, I guess. We’ve done a lot of work, a lot of work.

So, back when these were taken we had a lot of things to to , lots of work, lots of struggle to go through – but we didn’t know that really. We didn’t care.

These pictures , they’re not just a memory ; they’re a reminder , an assignment , a wish maybe . They remind us of something essential , something pure , something fabulous – that there was a time when , even if everything was unfinished , many things not even started, we didn’t care so much about tomorrow , about things we should do , about who we should be, about what people thought of the things we did. We didn’t care so much about money, success or image . We cared about the moment. We didn’t think about being happy tomorrow , we didn’t think about being happy . We were happy just to be in the moment. We had it all and we didn’t analyze it.

We’ll be spending the rest of our lives to get that back – and we do sometimes . It’s just not as easy as it used to be. I guess it is like that for everyone .

Being with you makes it easier though. It always will.